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The Sigma Xi Student Research Showcase is a competition for virtual research presentations in science and engineering.  The showcase is hosted each March and includes a personal video (example above), abstract, technical slide presentation, and discussion between judges and student presenters.

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Enter Formal Title of Research Project or Presentation Here

The abstract should be a statement of the research project aimed at a general scientific audience.  You may assume a broad knowledge of science terms and methodologies but should avoid excessive jargon and technical terms.  If you are a paleontologist, for example, keep in mind that your audience will include chemists, engineers, psychologists…

Goals - the abstract should include the following:

  • Formal title of the research project (as shown above)
  • Statement of hypothesis, research question and/or goals
  • Explanation of how the research fits into the “Big Picture”
  • General description of research methods and anticipated results
  • Brief background and other important information about the research (while keeping within the 200 word limit)

More information can be found in this Student Guide or on the Sigma Xi Website
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Technical Slide Presentation

The sample slide presentation below describes how to create a presenation site for the Student Showcase, including how to embed a slide presenation into a Tumblr post (slide 11).   Slide presentations should be limited to 27 slides (25 content slides, one title slide and one acknowledgement slide).

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Enter Password

Do publication or other restrictions require you to keep your technical presentation unpublished?  Enter the password “private” (without quotation marks) to learn how to restrict access to your technical presentation.